TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY (and why we shoot what we shoot)

TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY (and why we shoot what we shoot). Much has been written about both the fetishization of the local people that travel photography often captures and on the voyeuristic aspects of tourism generally—slum tours in developing countries (or “poverty photography”) being a prime example. I admit that I struggle with these criticisms whenever I travel. Am I obligated to depict some reality, tell a story, or just present something pleasing or interesting to the viewer?


As a leader in small group Photo Adventures around the world, we would like to take this opportunity to help clear up any concerns (or confusion) regarding future travel to Cuba. As a licensed OFAC provider of group People-to-People Educational and Photography Workshops, we are pleased to tell you that these changes will not have any major effects on our trips to Cuba. Our programs remain in place with the same itineraries we have offered for years.


When Michael Chinnici asked me to consider being a regular contributor to his new “Think Orange” blog I felt very honored… And though I consider myself an accomplished photographer, I know there was more to his motivation in inviting me, and probably all the other contributors to this endeavor… Having known Michael now for a couple of years I believe I get his intent, though perhaps not completely articulated. Intertwining SPIRITS???