A native of Zagreb, Croatia, photography has always been present in Roman’s life. Initially as a hobby and later as a profession. Roman’s work includes landscape, nature, wildlife and people photography. He especially enjoys street and sports photography, in particular, ski photography. Recently he was accredited to photograph the first even Red Bull Air Races in Croatia. When Roman is not shooting in the city, he spends his time in the wild with a camera. He a member of the Nature Protection association, which often features his photos of birds and nature. In recent years he has turned his attention to landscape and fine art street photography, and instructing post-production Lightroom. Roman leads several photo adventures, and enjoys mentoring guests and testing new digital camera technology.


So near and so far away, both locations cause wonder and every time I find myself at these locations, they take my breath away. What that means in the aspect of a photograph and viewed with photo eyes, Naples is only one of the cities on the southern coast of Italy (by the way its one of the bigger cities in Italy). You will say it looks like Genova or some similar bigger city on the coast.